Harare’s Avondale Total Service Station torn down as drive-thru craze grips city

Avondale’s Total Service Station in Harare which was, as is the norm, serving a steady stream of vehicles only last week currently looks like a war zone.

This is in pursuit of an assertive goal to turn the location into a brand new Total Service Station and Chicken Inn drive-thru by December this year.

Chicken Inn is a fast food or quick restaurant brand by Innscor Africa’s Simbisa Brands Limited. In Zimbabwe it is competing with KFC Zimbabwe and to an extent Packers International’s Chicken Slice.

When we passed through Avondale Shopping Centre today, we witnessed a bulldozer frantically pulling down what remained of once a garage, car wash and petrol station.

A senior workman on sight we spoke to, told us the contractor for the project is Tower Construction a Zimbabwean construction entity.

He also said Simbisa will maintain its already existing Nandos Avondale restaurant at Avondale Shopping Centre.

Tower Construction is the same company that did the freshly looking Westgate Total Service Station near the busy Westgate round-about at a cost, sources say, of around US$2 million.

We were unable to establish the cost of the company’s new project at Avondale.

Avondale Shopping Centre has been steadily modernising and improving its commercial muscle in the last few years.

Before this latest development, the Centre welcomed a new shopping mall – Riverside Walk – which also houses the popular TM Pick n Pay Avondale store.

The service station being remodeled stands just behind this new mall.

Since KFC Zimbabwe’s seemingly successful Begravia Drive-thru, there has has been apparent growing interest among fast food competitors to invest in drive-thrus.

Simbisa only opened the Greencroft Harare Chicken Inn drive-thru (see last pic below) in the last several months (it also has one in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city, opened about the same time).

Recently, we wrote about another drive-thru by KFC Zimbabwe at Westgate Harare expected to open mid this month.

Looking at the current trends, the chosen situations of the drive-thrus are clearly targeting high vehicle traffic locations.

Here is the site in more pictures…

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