About Us

We founded OfZimba with a goal to contributing in our own but potentially effective way to the bigger cause of Zimbabweans finding themselves again in other simple spheres of life over and above the complex morass of politics.

Of Zimba but why? Of Zimbabwe is what we mean. We mean it’s short for Of Zimbabwe. What other stories of  and out of Zimbabwe can you think about? What ideas and aspirations do you have? That is what we are about. We are of Zimbabwe. We are here to write stories,share ideas and reflect on things of Zimbabwe. Other things that equally matter in life in our collective Ubuntu as Zimbabweans, let them be known let them be spread and shared.

Our mission is therefore simple…share unpretentious often overlooked value stuffed, sometimes entertaining stories and ideas through blogging.

The best way, perhaps, to know what really we are about is to experience it. If you experience and are convinced, we want you to be part of it, contribute, comment, share and be civil.